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Splendid Revolution does not purport to teach medical practice in any form, nor treat or diagnose any specific medical disorder. Splendid Revolution applies combination of  different skilful techniques to promote health and well-being similarly to other conventional complementary therapies. Each treatment is different  as is reflexology is different from body massage and other manipulative procedure.


Treatments provided are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment and individuals are within their rights to seek medical advice independently or as advised by practitioners/therapist.


Splendid revolution would like to emphasise that there are some counter indicators that may restrict the application of any complementary treatment. These counter indicators include but not limited to the following conditions for specific reasons.


Diabetes, Cancer, Low blood pressure


Heart conditions and Epilepsy


High temperature, fever, nausea, swelling or inflammation


Severe bruising, any skin disorders in the areas to be treated


Recent injury, accident or surgery to the head, neck or shoulder areas,such as whiplash, concussion, broken bones or sprains etc. . less than 3 – 6 mths depending on severity;


Acute infectious diseases such as flu, chest infection or a bad cough or cold


Scalp infections


Fungal, Bacterial or Viral infections i.e. Athletes Foot, Ringworm or Verruca


Very high or low blood pressure


1st trimester of pregnancy (history of miscarriage)




Frailty, Chronic Fatigue


Spondelites or Spondelosis in the neck



It is important that any such condition is disclosed before or during consultation.


A signed, stamped, medical authorisation note from your General Practitioner (GP) or a Medical Doctor is required before commencing treatment(s).

We have made every effort to use photographs from public domains or otherwise received permission to use royalty free photo  from other  sources and gave credits where they are required .  If by any means your photograph is misrepresented then please contact us and we will rectify the situation immediately.



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