I’ve always felt that it’s good to feel good. It’s even better to be the best version of yourself; even if sometimes you wish you weren't! Imagine being born and having a 'How to be a Happy & Healthy You' Manual (a personalized Well-Being Walk-Through about You along with a list of new formulas and practices that will enhance and transform your life quickly). Instead of your body and mood being at the whim of others choices, unhealthy practices and intakes that you are unconsciously or consciously acting out with or without justification, you could alternatively be in full control of how your body and mind feels, along with being in practice of controlling and choosing how you want to feel, physically and mentally.


Sounds simple? It is.

Greetings from sunny Wales. I am sending my most positive of feelings places to you today. To catch you up to date on myself: Over the past eleven years, I have studied and practiced under the authority of the Institute of Human Individuality, located in Phoenix Arizona, under the research direction of Dr. Peter D’Adamo. I am elated to announce that I attained my “Fellowship in Genomics” and I have happily moved forward into the field of “Epigenetics” claiming my Masters Certification. The foundation of understanding - how our bodies work, in balance with our surroundings, I found is well worth exploring. Actually, both subjects deserve a visit when you can make some time.


I have successfully delivered throughout the US, UK, Europe & the Caribbean; facilitating consultations and training focused on personal health transformations for individuals, families & organizations. I've dealt with issues ranging from weight (over and under), organ dis-functions, mental health, various cancers, skin disorders, internal & external ailments/diseases in which most cases had quickly changed from a life-threatening status to one of wellness. I have found that the only time a client did not achieve health changes & goals, is when practices had not been changed.


So, let’s talk about what we can do to live optimally. I am happy to share many working practices that will allow you and your loved ones to visit what it’s like to be knowledgeable about the best health formulas and practices. Avoiding uncertainty by raising awareness of how our bodies work and how dis-ease actually occurs is a great pathway to enhancing your comfort in this lifetime. It’s a must if you want to be the best version of yourself.


Being a father to four children was one of my main motivators in wanting to get involved in understanding how the body actually works. Seeing my children struggling with seasonal episodes of illnesses at moments in their early years scared the living daylights out of me. Being a young father, truly at that point, I only knew what I had been taught about health, and of course what the doctors would tell me when the circumstances called for a visit to their offices or the hospital.


From that point, as you may be familiar with, it’s a waiting game. Thank heavens we have more access to information more than ever; though we still have to know what to search for and how to pick out the information that actually works.


Firstly, you must be open to looking at things differently. As a wise man once said, “a person whom is unwilling to visit new information just because it’s different, is a person whom is unbelievably trapped whilst thinking they are free.” It’s okay to be a skeptic, just remember to be an inquisitive skeptic.


Truly, by knowing your bodies intake and output formulas, you can always have an awareness of how to exist and live your life in wellness.


By living in a conscious state of self-care practices within your chosen control, you can easily identify foods and substances that glue you up and the ones that make your body operate optimally.


Once you readily have this info, ultimately the choice is yours.


Let’s take a moment to talk about excessive body fat as an example: this form of weight gain can be described as an effect of gluing and congealing which is being stored within the body - the more foods we introduce on a regular basis to our body that acts like a glue, can quicken the disfunction of our body systems. This process can lead to the growing trend of other health issues like diabetes.


Now remember, the more we glue, the slower the blood circulates and the less the oxygen flows (like a timing belt of a car that’s out of time). From this point - it's only a matter of time until the body develops functional problems. I believe that every single one of us deserves to be in optimum health, (regardless of race, nationality, religion or economic background etc.) and when I say ‘every single one of us’ that is exactly what I mean, because we are all unique individuals and what is optimum health for me may be different for you or our neighbors.


Let's just stop drinking glue, deal?


Now, let's talk about the label of cancer for a few sentences.


What is cancer? Well, what we know is that it is a word given to different states of malfunction and dormancy that a bodies cells can appear to be going through. At this point in my research and understanding I have found that when we do not provide our cells with the nutrients that they need to exist in function, they will inevitably turn off (not die) until the proper nutrients are available for use, in which case the cells will readily turn back on. Now, if we keep gluing our systems, we find that more cells move into a hibernation state, which can then show up on scans as black areas.


Let's remember that one of the jobs of a cell is to regenerate continually and by merely changing ones diet and lifestyle practices, cells can literally turn on.


Think about this - the black areas shown on scans did not just get pushed out. They were dormant cells, that were able to go back to work as they had the correct fuel to do so. I also have found that in cases of hardened tissue and blocked passages, the correct surgery can still be a prevalent choice once an individual has made the needed changes to their internal and external daily practices.


We do know better at this point, so we can do better by intentionally regaining control of what we put in our bodies, sooner than later is truly the key.  If we are working to make and then to spend our own money to put foods into our bodies and clothes on our and our families backs - it only makes sense that we should know the effects that they have on us and our bodies. By doing so we start to gain control of what food we are ingesting and clothes we are wearing.




Remember this:


live food = live body,


natural clothes = natural body.




For example - if you were to take carrots from a tin and plant them in the ground, they will not grow. Though when you plant carrots in the ground that are not canned/irradiated and are still alive they will stand a much better chance of growing.


I feel that our choices in life should be geared towards the betterment of our health and well-being; in order to have a more comfortable, joyful and smooth experience.


I’m not saying to try this at home, but let’s visit this thought for an instance -  Imagine wrapping your skin in tape or plastic. The experience would be uncomfortable if not unbearable at some point.This is because our skin cells, the largest organ (which some would refer to as the bodies true brain), would not be able to breath and therefore experience cell death, leading to adverse skin and organ conditions. The significant point here is that even some of our clothes are man-made synthetics and act as a glue to our external and internal body systems; hence reducing the skin’s functions including sweating, breathing and detoxification.



Here is another interesting thought. When we heat food above a specific temperature, we destroy the nutrients in the food. The more uncooked food digested, the less you damage your body; as long as it’s the right food for your body. eating live food gives you a balanced feeling both physically and mentally. If you eat too much cooked or over cooked food (dead food), your brain and body function will soon show the non-productive value of having little or no nutrition. The body goes into a zombie-like mode and begins to crave extra stimulation from all sensory organs. Some people pull for energy drinks, caffeine and sweets among other snacks; none of which have health benefits and only serve as instant mouth pleasures. Pleasurable in the short term, though damaging in the long term.



By ridding yourself of unhealthy dependencies, you give yourself the opportunity to live a happier, longer and more pleasant life, because if you don’t take care of your body, then where are you going to live?



The name of the game is know your formula, and when we choose our focus we can influence and control our impulses and intakes.


When was the last time that ‘simple and different’ was on the top of your list?  I have always felt that if things in life aren't working, then continually doing them the same way is not a help to oneself but more of a hindrance. Why should a person continuously beat themselves up? Regardless of the reason, there is more joy to experience in ones life. Why should a person throw themselves against a closed door trying to get through it, when they could spend a bit of time trying to open it or even finding another door or passage to go through.


At this point in life, I find that for our well-being and happiness, the best thing is to open ourselves, our minds and our way of living, to information that helps us reach our destination in a state of wellness; even if the information is different than anything we have ever heard of or previously tried - as long as it works for our betterment.



From my experience and my heart of hearts as a human being, I express these truths through my research to you. We are here for each other always and in all ways - regardless of the distance.



I wish the best happiness for you and yours. Cheers, to continuous smiles and more laughter than ever before.


Changing your practices, will allow a new you to emerge.



Leo F. Purvis II, mifhi


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If you would like to gain access to your personalized wellness information it would be an honor to help open the door wider for you. You don’t have to squeeze through a key hole to achieve optimum health. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.




*All conversations and your personal information remain confidential.


enjoy everything more

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Helping you become a better you.


Saying that, let me explain a few things about humans - stay with me. When we are born, we are born perfect, as we are breathing.

For those of us who are not able to breath correctly, our bodies soon shut down. Now, each body has a unique blueprint, and by knowing and following the correct formula, you can live life at optimum without having to experience avoidable health issues.


By default, our natural state is that of good health. Our cells are regenerating at a snail’s pace always; and when we are not in good health, we do not feel well, and yet our cells continue to do their job. The three main functions of your body is absorption, circulation and expelling. When we eat, drink or intake something into our system that our blood cells cannot absorb, these elements (lectins) stay in the bloodstream and cause the blood to thicken. This process is a form of ‘coagulation’. You see, the thicker the blood, the less oxygen and vital nutrients being delivered to the cells, organs and brain; thus, affecting the circulation of energy to the entire body systems.


With that being said, poor circulation can quickly develop into adverse effects throughout the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, exocrine, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal, reproductive, respiratory & skeletal systems; leading to discomfort and ailments. As a human body not at ease is in 'DIS-EASE.'


Time for a thought experiment...

Let’s imagine drinking a cup of glue. What would swallowing that mouthful of glue do to your body? Not a nice thought or feeling. Depending on each individuals body formula; foods, drink and clothing all contain elements that either absorb or glue up our bodies. The more we ignore our own truths, the more we are thrown off guard when the effects show up in our lives; which can ultimately affect our day to day activities and thoughts.

positiveblessings - wales

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